Zeitgeist was an alien who could pass through solid matter. As a member of the Special Executive, Zeitgeist was hired by Saturnyne to recruit Captain Britain to testify for her when she was put on trial by the Dimensional Development Court. At Saturnyne's trial, Captain Britain became angry and attacked the Dimensional Development Court following Mandragon's destruction of Earth-238 and Saturnyne's death sentence. Zeitgeist and the rest of the Executive helped Captain Britain and Saturnyne escape. They fled to Earth-616 and took up temporary residence in Braddock Manor. [1]

When the Fury attacked Captain UK outside Braddock Manor, the Special Executive got involved in the battle. The Special Executive began to take casualties. Against his better judgment, Zeitgeist attacked the Fury to help his teammates. Although he helped to temporarily cripple the creature, the Fury managed to escaped. Zeitgeist left Earth with the surviving members of the Special Executive. [2]



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