Dive-Bomber was one of a number of mutants infected by the Brood-hosting, Denver paramedic, Harry Palmer. As part of Harry's group of Brood mutants, Brickbat clashed with the X-Men, battling Storm in the air. Realizing Storm was more powerful, Dive-Bomber tore an engine off a passenger jet in flight, endangering its passengers and forcing Storm to break off from the battle and save them. Dive-Bomber was subsequently shot down and killed by the X-Man Havok for attempting to attack Storm.


Dive-Bomber could fly thanks to insect-like wings that sprouted from his back. He was also apparently superhumanly strong.

Strength level

Dive-Bomber appeared to possess superhuman strength, as he was able to rip a jet engine off of a passenger jet single-handedly.

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