Arishem is the leader of all Four Celestial Hosts on Earth,[2] as well as Fourth Host on the planet called Pangoria and a Fifth Host on an unnamed planet in a distant galaxy. Arishem was responsible for the culling of the Deviant Race during the Second Host visit to Earth and caused the Great Cataclysm that flooded the world.[3] He is also the leader among the delegation of Celestials who waged war on the Watchers in an unknown galaxy.[4] He was one of two Celestials who had the right and ability to judge which planet's civilization would live and which would die.[5] X-Factor has encountered him during Judgement War. Cyclops managed to blow off Arishem's hand with the help of Jean Grey during Judgement War.[6] Cyclops along with the X-Men briefly encounter him again and tells him and the rest of the Celestials to leave.[7]


Cosmic energy control with an unknown upper limit. Armour able to withstand planet-shattering strikes with tremendous ease.

Strength level

Beyond Class 100.


Celestial starships

Arishem should not be confused with the somewhat similar-looking Red "Gardener" Celestial who was slain by the Apocalypse Twins.[8]

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